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Area Cash™ Thor Slot Banner

Area Cash™ Thor

Released 11/07/2023

Area Cash™ Thor Character
Area Cash™ Thor Slot Screenshot


Feel the electrifying power of the Norse God Thor in this captivating slot game, Area Cash™ Thor! Immerse yourself in the world of mighty thunder and lightning as you target locked prizes, freeing them with the immense power of Thor’s Wild Hammer.


Unleash the divine power and brace for massive wins as you venture into the realm of Asgard, where the mighty Thor awaits to guide you to immense riches and exhilarating gameplay!


Area Cash™ Thor promises an electrifying gaming experience filled with divine wins, thrilling features, and the chance to stand tall among the gods of Asgard! Spin the reels, harness the might of Thor, and conquer the treasures of the Norse realms with a potential to win 5000x!

Area Cash™ Symbol

When the Wild symbol strikes the center reel and there’s at least one Prize Coin symbol in sight, brace yourself for the mighty AREA CASH™ feature!

01 The Area Cash™

02 Thunderous Free Spins

Watch out for the Free Spin Prize Coin symbols, for they can unleash the power of Free Spins during the AREA CASH™ feature, propelling you to even grander victories worthy of a god!

Free Spins

Match 3 icons to claim your well-deserved prize, and if one of the MAJOR, MINOR, or MINI matching icons carries a 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier, rejoice! 

03 Take home the Jackpot

Area Cash™ Thor Minor Jackpot Symbol
Area Cash™ Thor Major Jackpot Symbol
Area Cash™ Thor Mini Jackpot Symbol
Area Cash™ Thor Free Spins symbol
Area Cash™ Thor Slot Logo

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